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Kingfisher is a human-scale school that uses small class sizes and a family-friendly philosophy to encourage students to reach for their dreams. We ask kids to become aware of their talents and strengths and to use those strengths to bolster the areas that need work. We like kids to explore,  and we extol the virtue of curiosity. Our mission is summed up in the acronym P.E.A.C.E.

 Door Letter
Here's the regular door letter. This comes out on Mondays and gives everyone a heads up on what's happening at Kingfisher.

Door Letter  Door Letter  Door Letter  Door Letter  Door Letter 

April 21 to 25 


This will be a short door letter, but we have much going on this week—trips and practicing for Saturday’s sing at Northlake. Spring is a busy time!!


April 21st—Monday—We have gymnastics this morning for some students and the poetry posse will meet today. We will be painting our plant boxes this afternoon and replanting the one that didn’t work. We’ll start setting up the new one in the back.


April 22nd—Tuesday—Today is our BIG salad day in honor of Earth day. This is for everyone and the kids buying will also have chicken and pasta. There is no chorus practice today (as Brockett is resting up for the CRCT) but we will be doing some Earth Day projects—creating some feeders for the library, picking up litter around our parking lot and front yard, netting up some trash from Cofer Lake.  If our bed in the back is ready, we’ll plant tomatoes and squash. If it’s too rainy today, we’ll do our Earth Day activities on Wednesday.


April 23rdWednesday—Ginkgoes and Poplars go to the library for our last school year Spanish class and the Poetry posse will be visiting the Smoke Rise woods for inspiration after lunch. Drama is happening in the afternoon.


April 24thThursday—The Ginkgoes go on our long-awaited trip to the Aquarium.  We’ll leave around 9:30 in the morning and be gone until around 1:30. We are carrying our lunches with us so we can picnic over at Centennial Park. Afterschoolers will be working on spray-dying sheets for the backdrop of Willie Wonka.

April 25thFriday—Spelling Tests and the usual school activities. Hot Lunch is today.


Tuesday—Everyone can have some of the big salad in honor of Earth Day


Tuesday—Chicken and Pasta, salad, applesauce


Wednesday—Shepherd Pie, Dinner Rolls