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Kingfisher is a human-scale school that uses small class sizes and a family-friendly philosophy to encourage students to reach for their dreams. We ask kids to become aware of their talents and strengths and to use those strengths to bolster the areas that need work. We like kids to explore,  and we extol the virtue of curiosity. Our mission is summed up in the acronym P.E.A.C.E.

 Door Letter
Here's the regular door letter. This comes out on Mondays and gives everyone a heads up on what's happening at Kingfisher.

Door Letter  Door Letter  Door Letter  Door Letter  Door Letter 

April 14 to 18th


I’m so happy to be back in the swing of things and coming back with ideas and plans for the rest of the spring. April 22nd we will celebrate Earth day with a Huge Salad Luncheon and a couple projects in conjunction with Keep DeKalb Beautiful. May 2 is Field Day and we’ll have it over at Henderson Park again—that worked well last year. May 23rd is our Awards Picnic and Last Day of School. April is school spirit month, so we have signs for everyone to take home to put in your yards. Also, I need the yellow forms back so I can begin interviewing people for next year.


April 14th—Monday—We have gymnastics this morning for some students and the poetry posse will meet today. It’s supposed to be very rainy today, so we will not be doing much outdoors stuff, but in case it’s not rainy, we could begin painting our planting boxes in the front yard. We’ll have matzo and spread in honor of Passover.


April 15th—Tuesday—Hot Lunch is today and we will begin creating an art project with egg shells. Some of the Redwoods will make a trip to PetSmart to get our aquarium water tested, as we have guppy problems and water testing is free over there. One friend suggested it’s a PH issue and one friend suggested it’s a bad fish issue and my neighbor suggested it’s a temperature issue—so we will see.  (We’ll do that after lunch.) We’ll have a visitor this morning in the Poplars with Miss Kate, Teyt Mandzic, from East Atlanta. In the afternoon, we go to Chorus.


April 16thWednesday—Ginkgoes and Poplars go to the library for Spanish class and the Poetry posse will be visiting the Smoke Rise woods for inspiration, before lunch. We’ll continue work on the egg shell project—very spring-y.


April 17thThursday—Please send in cuttings from houseplants you might have—today we’ll begin setting up the windows around the school with a root project—so interesting to see the different kinds. If it’s dry enough, we’ll work on the plant boxes outside a bit more. Redwoods go to the library today.


April 18th—Today we get a writing sample from everyone—an ongoing check-up.  We have muffins and coffee for parents at drop off. We also have hot lunch today.


Tuesday Lunch: Chicken Sandwiches, Deviled Eggs, Tomatoes and Okra  

Friday Lunch: Ravioli, Salad, Pears