Kingfisher Academy, a Human Scale Education School, serves the Central DeKalb/West Gwinnett area by providing a place-based, project-oriented curriculum, targeting gifted students from 3 to 14. We believe in teaching Peace and justice; in using an Environmental lens to view all subject matter; that a child must develop an authentic, autonomous self to be a gifted learner; that our Community both inside and outside the school provides a rich learning environment; and that Kingfisher must be Educationally vigorous to allow for the depth of learning that bright kids require to do their best.




Announcing our new relationship with Atlanta Music Education!


They joined us in our space Fall 2014. Starting 2015 they are helping integrate music into our day.


We look forward to this being a very mutually beneficial alliance.


They offer private and group music lessons of all kinds. Please check them out!

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